Building Discipleship Cultures

In a world thirsty for truth, hope, and healing, Kingdom Story seeks to ignite a global movement of story-formed discipleship. Kingdom Story helps to build discipleship cultures in communities of Christ followers.
Rediscover and reclaim your call to be a Jesus disciple.

Learn to build a strong foundation

Create a culture that withstands the evil

Reclaim your call to be a Jesus disciple.

Unlock the Foundations and Framework

Kingdom Story’s curriculum and teachings are designed to help people discover a greater sense of their own identity and calling and to create a more holistic and confident relationship with God, the Bible itself, and other people.

Be Part of a Bigger Story

Kingdom Story has developed a Christian-based methodology that leaders can use to create places where their people can find passion and purpose to live and serve well in their communities.

Join a Community of Disciples

It does not matter the age, ethnicity, or denomination. The Bible has incredibly transferable knowledge, values, and tools to teach. Kingdom Story offers a community of people living for God’s purposes.
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The road is narrow that leads to life. Let's build a culture together with Jesus as the foundation.

In the Kingdom of God and the Jesus way, we can find foundations for personal transformation and for renewal in our communities.

Experience Kingdom Story's curriculum and build a foundation you can grow in and return to for the rest of your life.