Building a strong Framework

Equipping Pastors To Build a Discipleship Culture

We equip Pastors and Ministry Leaders with the tools and training that helps their people follow Jesus and become world-changers.   
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Do you want to equip your people to follow Jesus for a lifetime?
Do you feel overwhelmed with where to start?
Do you have a system for measuring discipleship growth? 

The Discipleship ReFramed is on 5 Continents

It has been taught in over 30 Countries

We have trained more than 200 Pastors and Leaders

How can Discipleship ReFramed help you and your community?

  • Rediscover and articulate for your context the ancient, Christ-centered path of discipleship.
  • Establish an operating system that guides your community on a lifelong journey to become more like Jesus.
  • Create a culture of discipleship that is transformative and life-giving and owned by your whole leadership team.
  • Equip your leaders to disciple others effectively.
  • Experience the flourishing of your church or organization through the transformative power of the Holy Spirit.
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What is the Discipleship ReFramed , and how is it delivered?

  • A 12-module curriculum with tools and questions designed to help you build a framework and culture of discipleship. 
  • 2-Day Immersion designed to dive deep into the curriculum. It is a participatory and discussion-based setting that helps you learn from your peers.
  • 12 Monthly Cohort Meetings and 12 Monthly Coaching Meetings designed to help you integrate the material into your particular context. 

God is Moving!

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Because of the Discipleship ReFramed, I realized the need in our church nationwide to prepare new disciples who make other disciples. It has been an incredible and very fruitful experience for my life and ministry. This last year has been a great blessing and growth.

Luis Solis
Senior Pastor of Community Christian Foursquare Church and Nicaragua Foursquare National Vice President

I cannot say enough about how invaluable Discipleship Reframed has been to my ministry assignment with the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel. It is both theologically sound and robustly practical. “I can testify personally, and on behalf of Foursquare leaders in multiple nations, that if you will invest the time and energy DR calls for, it will revolutionize your disciple-making culture.

Gary Matsdorf
Global Training Director, Foursquare Church

Working with EQUIP and with Pastor Branden on building a culture of discipleship has been incredible. My deepest area of impact was time management. I was confusing busyness for Godliness. I am currently working on this very topic of time management with our church leaders. How can we disciple others if we are too busy and unable to manage our own calendars?

Marcela Munoz
Senior Pastor, Foursquare Church in Chile, National Bible Institute Director
Start building your framework today

Don't Let Your Current Culture Crush your Discipleship Efforts

Peter Drucker says, "Culture eats strategy for lunch." If you are tired of your discipleship efforts not yielding the fruit you desire, sign up today or contact us to schedule an appointment for more information!
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