About the Kingdom Story

The Kingdom Story was founded to pick up where the early church began, scripture. We believe that, as was practiced in the early church, being grounded in God’s story and our own place in that story is fundamental to the lifelong process of becoming like Jesus.

Welcome to Kingdom Story

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Who We Serve

Kingdom Story seeks to serve the current but especially the next generation of Jesus followers and leaders who are equipping Jesus followers. 
Our approach is particularly compatible with those who are spiritually hungry, eager and committed to the next generation of leaders and to people of all races and colors around the world.

The Kingdom Story Vision

Our vision is to see people set free to find their place in God’s story and live into God’s plan with passion and purpose.

The Kingdom Story Mission

Our mission is to make the story of the Bible alive and relevant and help individuals and organizations create new pathways for spiritual and community transformation.

The Kingdom Story Values

Inform and form through the power of story

Kingdom Story has a strong conviction that the personal story, biblical story, and cultural story are powerful when they are experienced together. We believe that story is a medium that is eternal and cross-cultural... At Kingdom Story, we use the power of story to reveal God in a way that people can understand and connect with.

Disciple Making

We are dedicated followers of Jesus. We want to empower others to see themselves in the story of the Bible so that they too may grow as a disciple and live with the passion and purpose of Jesus.

Depth and breadth

We aim to bring our message to a variety of different audiences. Further, we provide a new and challenging perspective to the Bible. This is unique but we believe that challenging perceptions allows us to help others become freed up to put on a new set of lenses. This is the beginning of transformation.

Worldwide Commitment

Kingdom Story’s commitment to bringing new vitality to the Biblical story through storytelling stretches out to the whole world. We desire our impact to be global. We are currently present in countries like the United States, Canada, China, Africa and Latin America,. Our world wide emphasis has moved us to translate our work into multiple languages.

Inclusive and intentional

Kingdom Story is intentional about including those that have less power in the world. For instance, young people, those experiencing homelessness, urban ministries, rural churches, majority world populations and more.


We want to challenge conventional paradigms and stretch people beyond the assumptions of the dominant culture. We want to share God’s story and purpose in a way that is better understood and valued. We want to bring people back to a more vital relationship with Christ and people in their communities.

Life-giving relationships

We believe that because God is love, humans were created to be in relationship. People experience transformation in the context of meaningful relationships. Relationships matter both during and after people experience Kingdom Story resources.

Life Transformation is the goal

We believe that because God is love, humans were created to be in relationship. Relationships matter during and after people experience Kingdom Story resources. People experience transformation in the context of relationships.

The Kingdom Story History

The Creation of the Kingdom Story

The Kingdom Story Experience curriculum was authored by John Lewis in 1994. The primary audience was students, interns and staff involved in the University of Puget Sound college ministry (1994-2001). John then served in the local church and a non-profit organization called Leadership Foundations (2001-11); in between John and his family did a two-year stint in Beijing, China, working with young adults. During this phase, the Kingdom Story Experience was taught and experienced by over 500 people of all ages and denominations in the U.S. and China. It was translated into Chinese, two English versions were developed (group & personal study) and an introduction seminar called The Bible Reframed was created.

The Birth of the Kingdom Story Mission

In 2012, John launched Kingdom Story Ministries to focus on the Kingdom Story approach and to serve churches and faith based organizations. Over the years this has led to providing vital resources for kingdom impact in the Tacoma, Washington area through partnerships with organizations including the Tacoma Rescue Mission, Young Life and Youth for Christ, as well as in worldwide communities in China and East Africa. During these years, Kingdom Story trained over 70 people in the U.S., China and Africa to facilitate the distribution of various Kingdom Story curriculum; developed several adaptations for local and global audiences; and developed the Discipleship ReFramed seminar to help churches develop cultures of discipleship.

The Kingdom Story Team

Rob DeKlotz

Executive Director
Rob is new to the team in 2020 and handles all the day to day operations of Kingdom Story and is the primary mover of our 2021-2023 Mission to Multiplication.

John Lewis

Founder and President
John founded Kingdom Story Ministries in 2012, and is actively serving as the President of the ministry.

Branden Hubbell

Associate Executive Director
As Program Director, Branden is in charge of Kingdom Story’s discipleship development program.

Richard Mutura

Africa Director
As Africa Director, Richard is responsible for Kingdom Story’s discipleship development programs throughout the region.

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