The Kingdom Story

In a world thirsty for truth, hope, and healing, Kingdom Story seeks to ignite a global movement of story-formed discipleship. Kingdom Story helps to build discipleship cultures in communities of Christ followers.

What We Do

Kingdom Story trains leaders, offers coaching, and provides disciple-making resources that prepare people to experience, live, and share God’s Story.
Kingdom Story has built and provides resources for faith-based learning such as:
  • The Kingdom Story Experience for Jesus followers - individuals and groups
  • Discipleship ReFramed for leaders of church or faith organizations
  • A comprehensive book and study guide
  • Digital engagement tools and guides
  • Online courses, both mini and advanced.
  • Worksheets, frameworks and handouts
  • A podcast of discipleship topics

How We Do It

Kingdom Story deploys three ‘E’s’ as our foundation strategies: Equipping organizational leaders, networks, and churches to make disciples, providing innovative Experiences rooted in God’s Story, and Empowering the Body of Christ to transform communities.

Experiences, not just stories

Kingdom Story allows people to participate with the story. Participants discover the answers on their own rather than being spoon-fed by the teacher.

Kingdom Story is not simply left-brain focused. We ask questions and present experiences that engage both sides of the brain. When you reach the right side of the brain, you reach a side that embraces meaning, purpose, and imagination. And we purposely cultivate that.

Serving Those Hungry, Eager and Committed to the Jesus Way

Kingdom Story seeks to serve the current, especially the next generation of Jesus leaders and followers.

Our approach is particularly compatible with those who are spiritually hungry, eager, and committed. We also seek to reach people of all cultures and ethnicities worldwide.

Personal and Group Sessions

The focus of Kingdom Story is not just personal. It is also group-oriented. It is about creating vital Jesus followers and servants for our communities. We are equipping future leaders to live life in a more fulfilling way.

When we truly see how specific biblical characters are revealed to us and developed over time, it can give us the ability to understand how God develops us, his people, over time.

You Were Born With a Divine Purpose

Develop a greater sense of your own identity and calling when you create a deeper relationship with God