The Kingdom Story

Many approaches to the Bible take an impersonal or logic only perspective that does not give the personal view of the characters. We invite people to a more holistic immersion into the Bible’s story through identifying with the story’s characters. Along the way, their own story comes alive, too. 

What We Do

Kingdom Story creates unique resources and makes them universally adaptable for all cultures and ages, teaching and distributing them througha worldwide and digital market.
Kingdom Story has built and provides resources for faith based learning such as:
  • The Kingdom Story Experience for Jesus followers - individuals and groups
  • Disciple Making ReFramed for leaders of church or faith organizations
  • A comprehensive book and study guide
  • Digital engagement tools and guides
  • Online courses, both mini and advanced.
  • Worksheets, frameworks and handouts
  • A podcast of biblical story retellings and other discipleship topics

How We Do It

Kingdom Story facilitates pre-existing and customized experiences related to the Bible as God’s story and disciple making. We provide an environment where the participants can have open dialogue and get to hear and share their experiences and perspectives of the Bible.
This approach enables people to learn from more than just the words written in the Bible. Engaging with the characters and their emotions leads to honest wrestling, pointed questions and connecting their story to your own.

Experiences, not just stories

Kingdom Story Experiences allow people to participate with the story. Participant sdiscover the answers on their own rather than being spoon fed by the teacher.
Kingdom Story experiences are not simply left brain focused. We ask questions and present experiences that engage both sides of the brain. When you reach the right side of the brain, you reach a side that embraces meaning, purpose, and imagination. And we purposely cultivate that.

Serving Those Hungry, Eager and Committed to the Jesus Way

Kingdom Story seeks to serve the current but especially the next generation of Jesus leaders and followers.

Our approach is particularly compatible with those who are spiritually hungry, eager and committed to Gen Z and Millennial generation, as well as to people of all cultures or ethnicities around the world.

Unique Thought Provoking Experiences About the Bible

When people know God's story and can find their place in it, they are better able to navigate their faith journey and the harder questions of life. Story reduces our experience of shame as it makes room for knowing God's grace and his overwhelming love. The Kingdom Story Experience highlights God as the constant hero, helping participants release themselves from the center of their story.

Personal and Group Sessions

The focus of The Kingdom Story experience is not just personal, it is also group oriented. It is about creating vital Jesus followers and servants for our communities. We are equipping future leaders to live life in a more fulfilling way.

When we truly see how specific biblical characters are revealed to us and developed over time, it can give us the ability to understand how God develops us, his people, over time.

You Were Born With a Divine Purpose

Develop a greater sense of your own identity and calling when you create a deeper relationship with God