Kingdom Story is now EQUIP

After 12 years of being known as Kingdom Story Ministries and featuring our Kingdom Story Experience curriculum, we have grown beyond our current name. Over a 5 month period, we explored with our leadership, donors, and constituents building a new brand story. We revealed that new brand story at our March 2024 Annual Celebration+Fundraiser. 

5 Reasons Why We Chose EQUIP

  1. Short, simple, and action-oriented
  2. Biblically sound and applicable
  3. Clearly communicates who we are and what we do
  4. Clearly communicates process, movement, and culture change
  5. Flexible and adaptable
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Elements of Building a New Brand Identity

This transition will occur steadily over the next 3-6 months. Please do not write a check to EQUIP at this point. We will let you know as each step of the transition occurs.