Why Kingdom Story

People don’t fully know or understand God, but they want to.

Let Kingdom Story prepare and equip you for the journey ahead.
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People’s image of God from life and the Bible is skewed.

We have chosen thirty important Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments. The Kingdom Story Experience provides a macro understanding of the Bible and relevant implications for their own stories and community involvement.

Everyone comes to the Bible and story of God with a set of lenses. 

We don’t see the Bible’s stories and teachings as they are; we see them from where we are. Getting beyond our own perspective is always difficult.  
Beyond our own lenses, the Bible itself poses internal difficulties for people to understand it. We need help to discover and live the treasures of the biblical story.

Find your place in God's Story

Story takes us beyond our own experience to having a concern for others in our community, which from beginning to end is part of God’s heart and commitment and central to his story. 

When people are able to get the ‘big picture’ and see the Bible's macro storyline, they are moved away from self-centeredness and build a heartfelt concern for others in their community.

In seeing the big picture of God’s story, participants find a coherrancy there that also helps them to see how the pieces of their own life and story fit together.

It does not matter the denomination, age, or ethnicity, the Bible has incredibly transferable knowledge, values and tools to teach.

Your life is significant.

The Kingdom Story uses the story of the Bible to help people understand God’s relevance and to promote purpose and belonging in their lives, to give them the ability to find themselves in God’s story, and gain handholds to navigate life equipped with a map for their purposeful journey. 

You’re not supposed to do this alone.

Kingdom Story gives a foundation for disciples to discuss and grow within a community of others, where trust can be cultivated and hard questions can be wrestled with.

You DO have a story worth living and dying for. 

It is time to create a deeper and more confident relationship with the Bible & God.  

Find your place. Find your people. Find your purpose.