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Your gift of $200 provides a new sewing machine and training for one single mom in Kakuma

The total goal for this project, including all aspects is $20,000
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2022 KAKUMA Sewing Project Goal: $20,000

The Kakuma refugee camp is located in the western region of Kenya. The camp was established in 1992, following the arrival of the “Lost Boys of Sudan.” During that year, large groups of Ethiopian refugees fled their country following the fall of the Ethiopian government. Somalia had also experienced high insecurity and civil strife, causing people to flee. Today Kakuma has a population of more than 195,000 from 5 neighboring countries – making it one of the largest refugee camps in the world. Living conditions in the sprawling camp are appalling, with substandard housing, poor roads, and inadequate water and sanitation. The camp was supposed to offer temporary housing, but after 30 years, they are now permanent.

Life in the camp is tough. The location is in an arid area with extremely hot temperatures – 100+ degrees. The refugees depend on food rations of $14 per person per month from the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR). Camp residents are plagued with painful past experiences – losing family members, fleeing tribal warfare and death, rape, beatings, and more. With nothing meaningful to do, many waste away their days full of bitterness, hopelessness, and worthlessness. Some dream of a better life … 

Kakuma Sewing Project:

The majority of refugees at Kakuma are widows and children. They lost their husbands and fathers in the successive civil wars within the region. They are very vulnerable in camp. Though the refugees are given regular food rations, they have to look for a way of clothing themselves. We offer cutting-edge programs that equip our students with the skills and knowledge they need to become successful entrepreneurs, launch successful businesses, and position themselves for future success.

The aims of the sewing project are – 

  • Give women an activity to wake up to. Women are excellent storytellers. Without a new story, they continue to retell stories of pain, anger, and hatred to the next generation in the camp. By empowering them, we give them new rhythms and activities that earn them an income and create a new story of hope and a future.
  • Use the sewing groups as centers for discipleship. The centers become community outreach engagements that catalyze the gospel of Jesus Christ among the refugees.
  • In Phase 1, over 20 women were trained. More than 100 women are seeking this training in Phase 2.

Your gift of $200 provides a new sewing machine and training for one single mom in Kakuma

The total goal for this project, including all aspects is $20,000

A Hope and Future Rekindled: The story of Silvia

Silvia is a refugee living in Kakuma, Kalobeyei camp. She initially came from South Sudan. She lives with her family of four children in the camp. They all rely on the monthly stipend of $14 per person provided by the UNCHR. This amount can barely cater to their basic needs.

“I had given up hope about life. For four years since I arrived in the refugee camp, with no money, education, or skills, no organization was willing to offer me a training opportunity because I was over 35. years. Many organizations working in the camp support young people who are less than 35 years. I have missed opportunities since I was 37 years of age. Now at 42 years had lost hope of ever getting any chance in life. As a guardian of five children with two orphans, I cried every day whenever I thought of my helplessness. I have contemplated death not once.”

“I am so grateful to God for the chance to train for free at the DEEP Women tailoring program. After a year of training, I can now make dresses for my family using the training machines at the CTC Centre. I am hoping to start my own small tailoring business after I graduate. I pray that God will open a way for me to get a sewing machine to achieve my dream.

Silvia is one of 24 beneficiaries of the CTC DEEP Women program in 2022 who has completed the basic grade tailoring program. She can make simple everyday clothes. Silvia’s story is similar to most women, with some having lost their entire family members in the civil war back home. Through the intervention of CTC, Silvia has a new story to tell. She no longer has to worry and think of her hopelessness. She has a new story.

“Thank you, CTC. Thank you, Dr. Richard and all your friends, 
for thinking about us and making this training available.”
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